Every year millions of visitors from Western Europe come to Turkey for their holidays, conferences, sporting competitions and business. Unfortunately, some of these visitors lose their valuables, are involved in car accidents, are robbed etc. In some cases these visitors or their insurers can make a claim for their losses or damage on the Turkish insurer or directly to the party that caused the damage.

In Turkey the claim for damages procedures differ in many respects from that of other European countries. Accordingly, the staff of our Claims Handlings Departments of Turkish Legal Centre provides legal services for insurers and/or victims from Western Europe. The members of our legal team are experienced in Turkish and European, road traffic, personal injury, transport insurance, tort, obligation and health law.

Handling of Claims

Whatever the types of claims, be it losing property, personal injury, traffic accident or robbery, Turkish Legal Centre are able to quickly assemble the right legal team so as to settle the claim and prevent income loss.

Turkish Legal Centre has offered legal services to insurance companies as well as individuals in the following areas;

  • Legal protection
  • Personal Injury claims
  • Product liability
  • Green Card (private or motor liability claims)
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Personal liability
  • Transport damages and CMR
  • Credit Insurance Claims (Debt Collection)
  • Regress Claims

Some of duties and remedies that we provide

  1. Regress claims on other insurers and parties
  2. Investigations on insured at medical and other organizations in Turkey
  3. Practicing litigation of civil or/and criminal
  4. Salvaging of damaged vehicle, transfer it through the customs
  5. Transport the vehicles to the Europe

Case Handling Procedures

A claim procedure in Turkey is generally pretty straight forward. It consists of roughly of two stages. The first is an amicable settlement, which is an attempt for resolution of the claims without going to the court. This involves writing to and calling the debtor. The second stage is undertaken via a legal action through a court of law and the Bailiff Office for debt recovery. Consequently Turkish Legal Centre has a-3 file system for handling a case:

  1. Amicable settlement
  2. Litigation procedures
  3. Legal Action for collection of a debt